Welcome to Alamo Square

Layout 1We have all seen books filled with pretty pictures of historic houses. But what are the stories of these houses? In The Storied Houses of Alamo Square, Joe Pecora brings these houses to life in two ways. He presents the parade of people associated with these houses over time, from the architect and builder through the succession of owners. He has even interviewed descendants and collected their stories. Joe Pecora has also brought these houses to life through archive photos and illustrations of them from their earliest days to the present. Some houses, stripped of detail and covered with stucco, have been faithfully restored. To those still shorn of detail, Joe’s book presents a template for restoration. Joe walks us through the birth, maturity and rebirth of Alamo Square. —William C. Buetner, Architect and Heritage Research Assistant.

Joe Pecora is Alamo Square’s historian — and its poet laureate, too. — Thomas R. Reynolds, Editor and Publisher, The New Fillmore

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